Q: How is seating space changing for the 2024 concert?

A: Sponsors and Patrons of the concert will no longer have to mark off a space in the VIP section, the concert committee volunteers will be marking the VIP section prior to the concert. Check the support page for approx. size. You may have as many guests and as much picnic gear as will fit in your alloted space. As a general guideline, allow 3 ft x 3 ft (9 sq ft) per guest for comfort, and reduce the number of guests by 1 for every 9 sq ft taken up by your table and supplies.

Q: What is MCA?

A: Madison Cultural Arts, Inc (MCA), a 501(c)(3), not for profit organization, founded in 1994 as the successor to the Madison Arts and Sciences Council. MCA is a small all-volunteer group of Madison and Shoreline residents whose goal is to encourage the creative and performing arts in Madison. The group’s  primary activity is to organize, secure funding, and operate the 4th of July Concert on the Green in Madison, Connecticut.  

Q: What is the 4th of July Concert on the Green in Madison, CT?

A: The concert is an annual event occurring during the 4th of July holiday period each year. It is held in the evening and, for many years, has featured the music of the Wallingford Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maestro Phillip Ventre, a Madison resident.  The concert is not to be confused with the weekly Sunday Summer Concert Series on the Green which is put on by Madisons Department of Beach and Recreation.

In 2024, the 4th of July Concert is to be held on Thursday, July 4th, with the rain date scheduled for Saturday, July 6th.  

Q: How many people attend?

A: Although an actual headcount is not officially taken, it is believed the concert is attended by 3-4,000 people, from Madison and the Shoreline. Others travel from all around the CT and NY area to attend this annual 4th of July tradition.  

Q: What is the price of admission to the concert?

A: The concert is free to all of those who wish to attend.

Q: How does MCA get the money to pay for the concert?

A: Through sponsorships and patron donations.

In 2023, MCA was proud and pleased to have had the following sponsors: 

Maestro Sponsors – a local individual wishing to remain anonymous.

Premier Sponsor – Davis Realty, and the Madison Foundation in conjunction with Guilford Savings Bank

Distinguished Sponsor – Liberty Bank

Gold Sponsor – Madison Rotary, Richard and Lisa Scheffler, William and Sharon Crain,
Liz and Mark Daly, Clinton Veterinary Hospital

Silver Sponsor – Dan and Judi Miglio

Bronze Sponsor – William and Laura Downes, Gaylord Specialty Healthcare, Joan and Franklin Green, Laura Miller, DDS, Dr. John G. & Mrs. Suzanne M. Muller, Principle Wealth Partners, River Valley Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, Philip and Antoinette Ventre

Many local families are Patrons of the concert making various donations from $75 to $1,000.  

A free will pass the hat” donation is also collected at the concert for anyone attending who wishes to provide support. 

Q: How much does it cost to put on the concert?

A: After a 3-year hiatus and with the reboot of the concert in 2022 that included a rain date, the cost of the concert has grown dramatically. The costs are projected to be close to $50,000.

Q: How can I get involved?  

A: By participating as a patron, sponsor, or volunteer.  For information on how to donate and a list of benefits, visit the MCA website at madisonculturalarts.org. If you wish to volunteer to help organize and work on the concert, email MCA at [email protected].  


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